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Abused by Clergy in Chicago
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Archdiocese of Chicago Documents

* Files released by the Archdiocese of Chicago on November 6, 2014
Searchable files obtained from Bishop Accountability

Priest Files

Baranowski, Alexander Sylvester * Timeline
Bartz, Richard Barry * Timeline 
Becker, Robert C. Timeline 
Bennett, Joseph R. Timeline 
Bogdan, Leonard Adolph * Timeline
Bowman, Robert Peter * Timeline
Braun, David Francis * Timeline
Brigham, Kenneth. Timeline
Buck, Daniel Peter * Timeline
Burns, Eugene Patrick * Timeline
Calicott, John Walter * Timeline
Cloutier, William J. Timeline
Craig, Robert D. Timeline
Curran, John Timeline
Czajka, Norman J. * Timeline
DeRoeck, Walter George * Timeline
Dilla, Francis Emil * Timeline
Fassbinder, Richard Wayne * Timeline
Fitzharris, Joseph L. Timeline
Flosi, James Vincent * Timeline
Friese, Robert * Timeline
Garza, Jesus P. * Timeline
Hagan, James C. Timeline
Hefferan, John Edward * Timeline
Hoder, James * Timeline
Hogan, Michael J. *   Timeline
Holihan, Daniel M. Timeline
Huppenbauer, Walter Edward * Timeline
Job, Thomas J. Timeline
Kealy, Robert Louis *   Timeline
Keehan, John James *   Timeline
Kelly, Thomas F.  Timeline
Keough, John Joseph *   Timeline
Kissane, Joseph P.  Timeline
Kmak, Leonard Paul *   Timeline
Lupo, William L. *   Timeline
Maday, Norbet J.  Timeline
Mayer, Robert E.  Timeline
McCaffrey, Vincent E.  Timeline
McDonald, Robert Joseph *   Timeline
McNamara, Peter John *   Timeline
Miller, Gary M. *   Timeline
Mulsoff, Donald John *   Timeline
O'Brien, William J.  Timeline
Owens, Joseph Timeline
Pallakunnen, Emmanuel Timeline
Ray, James M. *   Timeline
Robinson, John Allen *   Timeline
Rohrich, John F. *   Timeline
Romano, Russell L. Timeline
Ruge, Kenneth C. Timeline
Savage, Joseph E. *   Timeline
Skriba, Raymond  Timeline
Snieg, Marion J.  Timeline
Steel, James R. Timeline
Stewart, Victor Timeline
Strand, Ralph S. Timeline
Swade, Thomas J.  Timeline
Swider, Henry P. Timeline
Tanghal, Albert *   Timeline
Theisen, Richard Gregory * Timeline
Thomas, Joseph S. *   Timeline
Turlo, Walter J.  Timeline
Ulatowski, Donald Francis Timeline
Vader, Anthony Joseph *   Timeline
Weston, Michael  Timeline

Key Documents


Priest Files

Key Documents

Cardinal George's Knowledge of Abusive Priests:

Brigham, Kenneth. Maday, Norbet J. Curran, John Holihan, Daniel M. McCormack, Daniel J. Strand, Ralph S. Bennett, Joseph R.

Priests Placed Back in Ministry Despite Danger to Minors:

Brigham, Kenneth. O'Brien, William J. Mayer, Robert E. Stewart, Victor McCaffrey, Vincent E. Holihan, Daniel M. Weston, Michael
Swider, Henry P. Curran, John Skriba, Raymond Strand, Ralph S. Romano, Russell L. Job, Thomas J. Becker, Robert C.
Cloutier, William J. Hagan, James C. Fitzharris, Joseph L. Swade, Thomas J. Ruge, Kenneth C. Snieg, Marion J. McCormack, Daniel J.

Priests Criminally Convicted for Abuse of Minors:

Maday, Norbet J. Fitzharris, Joseph L. Strand, Ralph S.
McCaffrey, Vincent E. Mayer, Robert E.

Reasons for Removal of or Restrictions on Predator Priests Other than Abuse of Minors:

Skriba, Raymond
Swade, Thomas J.

Laicized Priests:

Job, Thomas J. Holihan, Daniel M. Weston, Michael
Fitzharris, Joseph L.
Hagan, James C.
Steel, James R.

Abusive Priests whom Cardinal George or Cardinal Bernardin Chose Not to Laicize:

Ruge, Kenneth C.
Curran, John
Maday, Norbet J.
O'Brien, William J.
Bennett, Joseph R.

Selected Documents Obtained Through Other Means

Przybylo, Chester J.  Timeline
McCormack, Daniel J.  Timeline


Francis Cardinal George Deposition Bishop Raymond E. Goerdert Deposition

January 23, 2014

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